CeloLaunch x Duckie Land AMA Recap: A Duck Filled Gaming Metaverse

CeloLaunch x Duckie Land AMA Recap: A Duck Filled Gaming Metaverse

CeloLaunch is happy to host an AMA with Mr. Nobu - CEO of Duckie Land on CeloLaunch Official Group. Let's get more exciting information about Duckie Land on this AMA Recap.

Chapter 1: Project Introduction

Q1: Can you please introduce the project, yourself and the team behind Duckie Land?

Mr. Nobu: Hello I am Nobu, CEO of Duckie Land. Before starting Duckie Land, I was a professional, working as Digital Marketeer in one of the big companies in Indonesia, PT. Astra International Tbk - Honda (Astra Motor). For 20 years I was a video game player.
I started to invest and trade in crypto from the end of 2017 until now. I believe in the Blockchain Industry.
Duckie Land project created by Me, Grace, and Guy (Ariel) as core team and founder. We want to join in the wave of global metaverse projects.
If I talk about Duckie Land, it is a metaverse multiplatform and you can play it on PC, Android, iOS, and VR. Duckie Land runs on the blockchain and each Duckie is NFT.

You can check out cute nft here: https://duckie.land/duckrandom.php
Everytime you refresh the webpage, it changes to another Duckie. Please feel free to check our web and take a screenshot for what you get.

Q2: What features are you mostly relying on? NFT, gamification or the fact that you are a defi token? What do you think will bring you success?

Mr. Nobu: What we think will bring us success is to create connections between these features, but if we should pick, we want to pick the gamification. Gamification can create integration about what people love about the game and tap in with the flow of monetization to create profit for company.
NFT and token will be part of the gamification to create utility that bring benefit to players
The more gamification processes that you can create, the more fun and profit that you and the player can get.

Q3: Can you list the outstanding features of Duckie Land that you think are the strengths that will help the company to succeed?

Mr. Nobu: We have four key features here.
1. The first is battle feature and you can check the gameplay here: https://youtu.be/3yZWteyeS2g
To start playing the game, players can buy The Duckie from the marketplace. Players can choose to battle with enemy monsters (PvE) or (PvP) and they can get reward token.
2. The second is land or farm feature, please check the gameplay here: https://youtu.be/7XvQflCkypw & https://youtu.be/yUkbT8fSrLw
NFT land is divided into tokenized blocks of Land, which players can buy, rent, and develop. You can upgrade it and customized their land to grow crops, mining, building, shops, or restaurant, generate resources and find access doors for dungeon

3. The third feature is VR. Imagine you come to the coffee shop and use glass or oculus and then all your surroundings change to the metaverse. You see your friend use Duckie Avatar. Meta cafe will be launched this year.

4. The fourth feature is the Duckie SDK. Duckie SDK is a map editor and game engine where players or content creators can use Duckie’s art assets to create games, simulations, chat, and can connect to other platforms.
Stay tune to our channel and you can get more information.

Q4: Tell us about your general monetization models of the project?

Mr. Nobu: The monetization models of our curency is divided into some use cases.
For our governance token $MMETA, it will be used as the Governance Token which can be staked, and used for voting as well. Because this project  is built by the community and also for the community.
In the game we will use $MMETA for some features such as breeding and upgrading. For our reward token $WAFER, it will be used for some features like breed, upgrade, craft, and buy energy. In addition our reward token also will be used in our real-life future Duckie project.To stabilize the price we have some balance in the game and some strategies to maintain the fluctuations. Our players also can get suitable rewards as they play more often. Please keep an eye on our testnet campaign (soon).

Q5: Can you share with us what are your exciting programs or events in the coming days?

Mr. Nobu:
- We will have our alpha and testnet for Venture Capitals and Partners in following days.
- We will do IDO and TGE in February because the community and partner suggest us, due to market conditions.
- We have special program for our INO (stay tune)
- of course Duckie Land has many partners to support the game ecosystem. It will be big, we will reveal it soon. Thanks to the community who always supports us.

Q6: The main problem faced by new projects is lack of planning for Future. What is the ultimate objective of Duckie Land?

Mr. Nobu: We have our ultimate goal. To create Duckie Land theme park with the combination of digital and offline world. Imagine The Disney Land or Universal Studio, but with Duckie Land brand and you can play the game there with our token.

Q7: How can our community join Duckie Land Public Round?


🎁 Reward :  100 Duckie Land IDO whitelist spots on Binstarter!
😉 Join the campaign and win a guaranteed IDO allocation!
✅ Step by step :
1. Visit : https://gleam.io/iCzI0/binstarter-duckie-land-whitelist
2. Complete all the tasks
3. Copy referral link and share it to your friends and community!
And we will announce our other launchpad with a fixed date and time, stay tuned!

Chapter 2: Live questions with CeloLaunch community.

Q1: Can we borrow other people's land for farming, grow crops, mining, etc if we don't have a land? @charlest1997

Mr. Nobu: Yes!, we will have a rent feature in the future, you can rent the land (or property) at a competitive price rather than buy it. This feature will help many players to participate in the game.

Q2: Does DuckieLand have a marketplace? If yes, the marketplace is vitally important for Gamefi. Are you confident that it will operate smoothly with a huge amount of investors and players ???
Take other games as examples, when the marketplace gets overloaded, the dev’s team becomes confused and it takes too much time to fix the problem which makes investors feel scared and have an idea to withdraw their investments. Thank you. @jaoduhdakai

Mr. Nobu: Duckie Land will have a marketplace. We will do the best for the marketplace. We will create different features for the NFT marketplace. Approaching e-commerce websites will be one of the best options for this. We will have a partner to support us for the marketplace.

Q3: Players can create and design their own duckie nft. Does it mean everybody can mint a duckie nft and use it or sell it on marketplace @alansheva97

Mr. Nobu: We will open Ducke with your own creation and you can sell it to the market. People who buy the NFT can play it in the game. There are limitations with this feature and terms/conditions.

Q4: Are you planning to upgrade the artworks and gameplay in the near future if DuckieLand succeeded and became a viral gamefi in the world??? or just follows the old materials and expands it in other ways? Thanks you @mlemking

Mr. Nobu: Yes, FYI we already created a Duckie Land game with an open world version in 3D and full customization. We always prepare far ahead, because this is a long term project.

Q5: Old but Complex ,inflation is the killer of many projects, how will DuckieLand manage this problem ??? Thanks you @aoqjhaaui

Mr. Nobu: Projection for the token and NFT use case will be important for this aspect. We are calculating the behavior of the player with our data. Based on that we can push down inflation.


We hope that you have a great time with Duckie Land. Please follow Duckie Land's social channels to get more updates:

Website: https://duckie.land

Twitter: https://twitter.com/duckienft

Telegram Group: https://t.me/duckienft_global

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/duckienft

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