CeloLaunch x Paragen AMA Recap: Pioneer the landscape for a virtual tomorrow.

CeloLaunch x Paragen AMA Recap: Pioneer the landscape for a virtual tomorrow.

CeloLaunch is happy to host an AMA with Paragen 0xPVK of Paragen on CeloLaunch Official Group. Let's get more exciting information about Paragen on this AMA Recap.

Chapter 1: Project Introduction

Q1: Please give us a brief introduction about you and your team behind Paragen as well?

Paragen 0xPVK: Paragen is built by a team of professionals who have been in the market and development for over 5 years. The team has previous experiences in building launchpads, working on games like my neighbour Alice as well as high-end layer 2 ecosystems. We have a team of 15 fully trained staff ranging from developers, to bds, to market strategists. Our team is based around Dubai, the states and Aus.

Q2: What features are you mostly relying on? What do you think will bring you success?

Paragen 0xPVK:
Tier System
We are proud to announce we have a new tier system set up to allow for those who do not hold many funds to participate. This will be announced in our tier system update announcement at the end of the week.

Chain Agnostic
We also are chain agnostic and multichain with the focus on gamef and metafi - yet adaptable to niches

Strict DD Process
A very stringent DD process to ensure best projects get in

Cross chain Composability
This helps projects and community alike, as Paragen will be serving like a one stop solution to the community’s portfolio

Q2: Could you please explain to us about Paragen Tokenomics?

Paragen 0xPVK: Our tokenomics are structured in an anti dump manner to avoid swings. This is also controlled by allowing the holders to stake their tokens at a premium rather than at lower tiers since they have access to the lowest available prices. Our seed and strategy have a vesting of 5% tge then 1 month cliff followed by 5% month 3 and 10% onwards. Public sale have a 20% unlock monthly.
You may explore more about our tokenomics here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dDKFHie6TZQ2Vr-eqa5axb693xGfQT91/view?usp=drivesdk

Q3: Which partners have you been coordinating with so far?

Paragen 0xPVK: We are led by shima capital, incubated by qu Ventures; work with a ton of investors and work with many Launchpad to colaunch and codeal and comarket.
Paragen emerges from a very strong VC and incubation background, which gives us an edge in handpicking the projects for launch.
Additionally our VC ecosystem hedges risks and provides a perpetual deal flow ensuring the best BD health.
We are very deeply connected with all the leading L1s and L2s in the market which allows us to sense the market sentiment at the earliest. This provides advantage to our community as we do everything possible to shield them against adverse market forces

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

Paragen 0xPVK: We have a very ambitious roadmap to be the best cross chain, multi chain launchpad in the market. We are also building our own metaverse in Q4.
We believe in adding value to our community’s portfolio over anything else, that’s where we have secured projects and filled up March IDO.
We will slowly start expanding to all the major chains in the market, during Q3 and Q2.
During Q1 we will be focusing on constant deal flow and overall growth of community and projects!
We have something really cool for the community coming up! Stay tuned..

Q5: Do you have any exciting programs or events happening in the coming days? Could you please share a bit with us?

Paragen 0xPVK: We have already kickstarted the giveaway season with Meme competitions and Gleam will be releasing this week and there will be another Game competition.
We will also be doing community building campaigns.

Chapter 2: Live questions with CeloLaunch community.

Below are some additional information related to the project for questions from the community.

  1. Celolaunch and Paragen to start with; we will be giving away the list of CEXes and DEXes soon
  2. Super easy UI/UX is our core design motive! Added to which we are looking forward to onboard web3 and non crypto community with our marketing and GTM strategies
  3. We have partnered to launch with the best meta projects in the industry, to give an example one of the projects we are launching has Tesla, Emirates and other big names as their paying clients
  4. Paragen is a super safe investment due to low mcap and high VC traction. We are coming in with around 265K mcap
  5. We have the most inclusive and unique marketing strategies. We are also doing some industry leading campaigns in the days to come! Stay tunes
  6. We are getting the security audits done by this weekend before we launch
  7. We aim to cater to retail investors where investors can enter positions with super low investments making Paragen, community first
  8. The token will be used to participate in IDOs
  9. One can comfortably entry and exit positions and make profits without actually playing the games (projects we launch)
  10. Staking program is available. We have locked staking and staking rewards


We hope that you have a great time with Paragen. Please follow Paragen's social channels to get more updates:

Website: https://paragen.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/paragenio

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/paragenann

Telegram Group: https://t.me/paragenio

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