cLA.Labs x Yesports

cLA.Labs x Yesports

We are pleased to announce that CeloLaunch Labs has completed the project appraisal rounds and invested in Yesports.

About Yesports

1. Project Overview

Yesports is the world’s first Web 3.0 Esports Engagement Platform (W3EP). The Yesports platform will provide access to exclusive content, community initiatives, merchandise, and more by acquiring or holding NFTs.

Yesports is setting a new standard for esports fan2team engagement by creating the World's First and only Cross-Chain Metaverse Engagement Platform (MEP) — consisting of;

  • Esports-centric NFT marketplace where esports teams can sell unique generative NFT packs or rare 1/1 NFTs on their own team NFT “storefronts”
  • NFT Metaverse Access Cards that create true value for NFTs in that they have unique utility — allowing fans to access the Yesports Metaverse
  • The world's only Esports Metaverse that allows teams to create virtual space in web3 for their teams and fans to engage in ways never experienced before
  • Yesports will also be governed by the $YESP coin where investors, advisors, teams and even fans will be able to stake, earn rewards and help decide on the future of the Yesports Metaverse Engagement platform long term.

2. GTM Strategy & Product Viability

There’s a huge yet overlooked global gaming and esports market that is yet to tap into Web 3.0 innovation.  There are 500m plus gamers and a market worth over $350b globally and no product built for key engagement into Web 3.0.

Both Web 3.0 and esports communities share similar demographics and tech proficiency. However, until Yesports, there has been no single Web 3.0 project out there focused exclusively on that nascent relationship. To drive those gamers into Web 3, which is a sort of successor state to everything we’ve seen to date.

Yesports is designed to redefine how esports teams and fans engage. Yesports, with its MVP built on Polygon (prime foundation for cross-chain interoperability), primarily entails 4 core things built over time:

1) Web 3.0 Services: Yesports team offers a full white glove service to esports teams to help them transition over to web 3.0. Yesports takes esports and makes it very tactile and engaged through blockchain backed products.

2) NFT dev & GTM: Yesports has a dedicated team of world class creators and strategists that help esports teams think through, and create high fidelity utility NFTs for their fans. The utility here is critical - as much of the gamer community wants to add long term value to their fans and holders of their NFTs. So making the world most interactive NFTs is part of that mission.

3) Yesports Marketplace: These created NFTs can then be sold on the — Yesports Marketplace.

4) Team metaverse: longer term as expanding the rewards of the NFT Access Cards. This new explorable world experience / community that rewards contributors/esports fans.

By locking in some of the most exciting esports teams, partners and investors globally — Yesports is going to bring 500M+ fans closer to their favorite teams than ever before.

3. Product Roadmap

4. Technologies

  • Polygon
  • Cross-Chain

5. Team

6. Partners & Backers

7. Token Economy

The YESP token is not a payment utility token, it's used for:

  • First access/whitelisting (similar to what we see working well for top IDO platforms.)
  • Staking and multi asset rewards (brining the best of DeFi markets into the NFT space to allow stakers to win NFTs, win more tokens, and other prizes related to the platform).
  • Voting and governance rights (Over time allowing the market to move to a governance model)
  • Receiving platform discounts (Binance is the exemplar here and we have worked across key advisors from binance to deliver great utility.)
  • Buyback and burn - whilst not a feature of the token its a feature of the wider tokenomics, allowing the platforms fees to be used to buyback and burn the token.

8. Token Distribution

  • Token Name:  Yesports
  • Ticker: $YESP
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

9. Official Links

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