NFT Upgrade & NFT Staking Are Now Available!

NFT Upgrade & NFT Staking Are Now Available!

We are happy to inform that the NFT Upgrade and NFT Staking have officially launched!

NFT Upgrade

Due to the high demand from our investors to own NFT Aries after missing the previous batch, we would like to provide the ability to upgrade your NFT to Aries and be eligible to participate in CeloLaunch Labs. (Read more about CeloLaunch Labs Privileges:

The NFT Upgrade feature will be available for a limited time period of 48 hours. No more upgrades afterwards.


  • Date: January 3rd 6:00 PM UTC — January 5th 6:00 PM UTC. You will no longer be able to upgrade your NFTs to Aries thereafter.
  • Requirement: You must lock one of the following NFT tiers to acquire the top-tier NFT Aries
    ♉️ 2 Taurus or
    ♊️ 4 Gemini or
    ♒️ 10 Aquarius
  • Locking Time: 7 days
  • The locked NFTs will be burnt after upgrading
  • You will not earn staking reward when locking

Scenario 1: You have 2 Taurus and lock for 7 days, after the locking time you will receive 1 NFT Aries. 2 Taurus will not be returned.

Scenario 2: You have 4 Gemini and 10 Aquarius, you lock all of them for 7 days. After the locking time, you will receive 2 NFT Aries. 4 Gemini and 10 Aquarius will not be returned.


Please visit to begin upgrading your NFTs.

  • Select the type of NFT you would like to upgrade to Aries
  • For example: choose to lock 2 Taurus for 7 days to upgrade to Aries
  • Select 2 Taurus and click "Upgrade"
  • After locking successfully, you would see the NFT Tier you locked, the NFT IDs, Countdown to claim Aries.
  • You could claim your Aries after locking for 7 days

NFT Staking

Apart from receiving a guaranteed allocation, earning airdrop for upcoming IDOs, NFT holders may stake NFTs to receive rewards.


Please visit to begin staking your NFTs.

  • There are 4 distinct pools for each tier that you could stake
  • Choose the NFT Card you would like to stake
  • After staking successfully, you would see the amount you staked, the amount you earned and countdown to harvest
  • You could stake as many NFTs as you have
  • You could choose to unstake your NFT at anytime

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