Yesport x CeloLaunch AMA Recap: Esports into Web 3.0

Yesport x CeloLaunch AMA Recap: Esports into Web 3.0

CeloLaunch is happy to host an AMA with Benjamin Le Roux | Yesports of Yesports on CeloLaunch Official Group. Let's get more exciting information about Yesports on this AMA Recap.

Chapter 1: Project Introduction.

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community and your role in the project?

Benjamin Le Roux: My name is Ben, excited to talk through what's happening at Yesports. I'm head of growth at Yesports, I’ve been deep in tech product and marketing growth for many years now. Prior to working at Google for ~10 years, I helped the product launch — a project which raised 100m in a few minutes. Ever since then I have been hooked and working deep within crypto on various projects alongside CEO Seb.

In fact throughout 2017 and beyond, I was fortunate enough to work with some of the most successful and most enduring companies in the space, including AirSwap, Bluzelle, Simple Token and more. I of course also work supporting the team on growth and product marketing and have been there since day one — Yieldly  of course being one the most successful Defi projects on Algorand.

And then recently in the last couple of months — I was asked to help build and grow the Yesports team and product — especially given our strategic successes with Yieldly.

Q2: What is Yesports?

Benjamin Le Roux: We have worked with the leading esports teams for 6+ months (ever since receiving the Polygon builders’ grant) to deep dive into what matters most to teams and fans.

What we discovered is that Esports teams want new ways to engage with their fans in web 3.0 — PLUS connect with the greater web 3 community longer term (given the large overlap between gamers and crypto enthusiasts).

And with that — we fused ideas from Web 3.0 and esports fan engagement to arrive at the vision we have today  — Yesports, which aims to redefine esports fan engagement — powered by what we call —the Esports Web 3.0 Engagement Platform (W3EP) The W3EP entails a few things;

- Esports Web 3.0 white glove services

- NFT design and Go-to-Market strategy,

- NFT marketplace & team storefronts

- Visionary curated esports metaverse

We will take a deeper into the above details here in bit — but overall our product is the culmination of incredibly deep partnerships and expertise —obsessed with delivering value for esports teams in web 3.0. We believe Yesports takes fan2team interactions to the next level.

Q3: What sort of esports teams and partners do you have on board already?

Benjamin Le Roux: As mentioned — the Yesports product has been a result of deep partnerships and relationships with key partners and esports teams — we have been in this space for a while which means we have been able to develop some truly powerful partnerships.

Our VC partner network is also vast and the list of top tier partners is notable; Spartan, MEXC, KOSMOS, YBB, Mozaik Capital, Zipmex, Alphabit, NGC Ventures, Kernel Ventures, GTA Ventures, IBMR, Tess Ventures and BR Capital.

A powerhouse of now 20+ VC partners — and they all work really closely with us

We also have a number of growth partners including yourselves  CeloLaunch Labs, but also PlayPad and Launchpool (and potentially others :)

Additionally we are proud to have industry leading esports teams joining us from day 1.

In fact, we've announced a number of major global esports teams (Talon Esports, Boom Esports, Renegades, Team Empire and Fact Revolution, with more to come) who are on board to be the first to launch team NFTs on our platform — making Yesports the biggest esports NFT marketplace on the planet (home now to millions of fans).

We have a few more teams/players that are joining us and we will be announcing them in the coming weeks so be sure to follow us on our socials to stay updated.

Whats to note here on partners is that — we were very deliberate with choosing our partners — picking those who have strong focus on p2e and who we think will bring their network and expertise to Yesports.

Also we are in collaboration with some of the biggest gaming guilds and p2E games — so there’s a huge opportunity here and we are looking to launch some pretty exciting things as the Yesports vision comes to life.

Q4: Tell us a bit about the NFT marketplace and how that fits in with the Esports Web 3.0 Engagement Platform?

Benjamin Le Roux: As mentioned earlier — let me go into a bit more detail on the Esports Web 3.0 Engagement Platform areas (which includes the NFT marketplace itself) that we believe will drive the success of Yesports;

1) Web 3.0 Services: our team offers a full white glove service to esports teams to help them transition over to web 3.0 — this a major differentiator for us —as we know the transition can be challenging.

2) NFT dev & GTM: We have a dedicated team of world class creators and strategists that help esports teams think through, and create high fidelity utility NFTs for their fans.

3) Yesports Marketplace: These created NFTs can then be sold on the — Yesports Marketplace. Each team will have their very own NFT storefront within the marketplace — whereby fans can purchase these nfts. These NFTs can be purchased in a couple ways;

- Firstly —NFT Access Card Packs —whereby fans can buy different packs that have different chances of rare trait NFTs — ultimately gamifying the whole nft experience.

- Secondly — fans can purchase one-of-kind NFTs we help teams design called — Collectables — all which have utility beyond just proven ownership eg, access to: rare drops, discounts and more

- Of course there will also be the general market where fans can buy, sell and trade NFTs within the Yesports marketplace.

4) Team metaverse: as we expand the rewards of the NFT Access Cards — we will expand access into private team metaverses whereby fans and teams can engage in all kinds of unique — esport specific ways.

In terms of the marketplace in particular — initially, it will be a highly curated esports focused NFT marketplace where the teams will launch their collections.

The functionalities will become increasingly clear as we move along launching our products. You should start to see some seriously exciting NFT collections — by some global teams — drop in the coming weeks/months.

Our newly designed website does a really good job of painting the picture above.

Q5: What should we expect in the months to come? Roadmap?

Benjamin Le Roux: Great question! We have numerous Web3 innovations that we plan to develop and release:

We take building products as the priority. Our dev team is working hard to deliver MVP1 in Q1/2. In addition to that, as mentioned earlier — we’ve closed an oversubscribed 2.25M pre-seed round for Yesports, letting us:

- Scale independent developer team.

- Work with an incredible partner network to grow funding to help us develop and create this esports web3 vision.

With the tech product under development we also have been spending a lot of time making sure our product is fit for purpose. So we have been locking in partners and teams — of which — as mentioned — we have ~9 global teams/players signed and more to come.

We will continue to lock in world class partners — of which we have ~20 global leading partners who are incredibly excited to be a part of this.

We are also building out the cross chain staking functionality to allow for an eventual multichain launch of the token in Polygon and Algorand to allow the community we have built to come along this NFT and Web3 journey with us as well.

There will also be a staking function post-TGE and we have an IDO lined up with a leading IDO platform. We also have a number of leading high growth CEXs that are roaring to launch our token day 1.

So on the launchside, there is a lot of momentum there to get the token out and usable by as many of the esports and crypto community as possible.

We will be making some serious announcements over the coming weeks — so be sure to follow us on Twitter / Telegram.

I think we have the team, means and momentum to accomplish a lot of big goals this year.

Q6: What sets Yesports apart from other NFT and Web 3.0 projects?

Benjamin Le Roux:

1) Well first and foremost — as mentioned with the signing of ~9 global esports teams to our platform including a couple of the largest globally (as well 20+ key VC partners) — we are now considered the largest esports focused web 3.0 platform in the world. We have also closed a deal with a player management agency and will be making that announcement in the coming weeks.

2) There are some great examples of fan token experiences and creator token experiences for esports teams, and even a growth in the P2E space, but nothing yet that has the same niche focus on the esports and gaming market to the extent that we are taking this.

3)A major difference also is that the Polygon-Yesports partnership means we have the potential to collaborate on a huge pipeline of top tier esports, NFT/P2E games, and other leading businesses that are contacting the Polygon Studios team to assess how they can deliver Web3 for esport, gaming and their ecosystems. This is huge.

4) Another unique aspect to Yesports is the concept and design surrounding our long term Metaverse vision. We are concepting an Esports focused Metaverse where teams can build their home stadiums. Fans will participate in this by building within the digital village landscape. As to what they might build we can expect venues such as club houses, training grounds, betting dens and storefronts among other things to create an Esports tailored one of a kind metaverse. Really exciting

5) We also have the ability to be the first true cross chain platform for esports in crypto too. We have a great and growing community in Algorand that we are able to build cross chain functionality for and bring esports fans into a world where they start to be more involved, to have them start to use the multitude of DeFi products that we have  built.  We are very excited for the cross over potential here as well.

So when you look at the support from teams, support from VC and coupled with the vast expertise our team has on crypto and esports — it becomes clear why our partners and teams are excited to be taking this journey with us.

The other piece of our puzzle is a concerted diversity and inclusion effort. Women currently make up 35% of the total player base but only 5% of the professional player base. It’s not just in the player base where we can see widespread underrepresentation, but also across decision makers, participants and management.

We are constantly looking to partner with teams of underrepresented and diverse demographics and are committed to helping them gain exposure in the industry. At Yesports, we will provide not just exposure, but also a multitude of opportunities for underrepresented demographics to enter the Web 3.0 space.

Stephen | CeloLaunch: What are some challenges you have faced with getting an eSports start up launched, essentially?

Benjamin Le Roux:  Yesports is proving to be a very innovative project and is at the forefront of the Web 3.0 and esports conjunction. There are certain ideas that can be a hard sell when a lot of people are still largely unaware of the full potential of Esports in a Web 3.0 environment.

We have come off the back of more than 18 months of esports-related NFTs being issued with no utility, and that has damaged a lot of the sentiment around NFTs in the esports and gamer space. So that is a challenge which we are certain to overcome with our utility-first NFTs.

Changing market conditions remain an unpredictable metric within the blockchain space. However, Yesports maintains a focus on utility with both NFTs and the YESP token which proves to mitigate the natural volatility of the crypto market.

Interesting challenges but great ones to solve.

Q7: Tell us about the YESP token and how that works in the ecosystem?

Benjamin Le Roux: The YESP token will power the Yesports Web3 Engagement Platform whereby YESP can be used for;

- First access/whitelisting

- Staking and multi asset rewards - including staking YESP to earn YESP.

- Voting and governance rights.

- Receiving platform discounts.

We've worked with leading advisors to make sure that we are maximizing the utility of the token for users as the product continues to develop.

Chapter 2: Live questions with CeloLaunch community.

Q1. What motivated YeSports to collaborate with Polygon Studios? How will this collaboration be useful in the long term?

Benjamin Le Roux: Polygon has a massive edge when it comes to launching esports into web3:

Polygon is leading the charge for Ethereum’s vertical scaling strategy. There are significant benefits of being the only Ethereum-aligned and EVM-compatible side chain that offers lower fees and faster transaction times, and these are starting to show as many popular games and other low-value applications that can only survive in a low-fee environment have rapidly migrated to Polygon.

Besides that, the excitement we saw from their team regarding the Yesports product and vision also was very encouraging - we always want backers who are supportive and have great tech to boot!

Q2. A lot of emphasis has been made on utility-first NFTs. What does this mean?

Benjamin Le Roux: This is huge. This is how we are creating value for teams and fan engagement, Ill pull this from our website.

"Interact with your favorite fans in the physical and digital world with utility-first NFT Access Cards. NFT packs,rare one of a kind collectibles — we help teams strategize and deliver NFTs that unlock utility exclusive to each team such as major esports events, signed merch, player meet and greets, gaming sessions and more."

Its all about creating new experiences for fans in the WEB3 so teams can up level how they interact and reward their users for engagement.

The utility aspect is also huge for long term stickiness and value.

Q3. What are your plans for the future, may I know?‌‌ and like What is the best way to keep up with All your upcoming news and updates?

Benjamin Le Roux: We have gone through this one in detail above — but you can check out our roadmap on our website — I highly suggest that.

Best way to chat to stay up to date and engage with us is vaTelegram and Twitter — we are very active there.

Q4. Do you have an ambassador program?

Benjamin Le Roux: Right now we are focusing on building community and a successful launch. We will be looking for some of these roles in the coming weeks/months so stay tuned to our channels to be the first to know about our plans here.

Q5. What is the story behind its name Yesports?

Benjamin Le Roux: Our key team members have built the first DeFi suite on Algorand - Yieldly. The name is an effort to show that the team is experienced in the Web 3.0 space and a fusion of esports as well as the 'Y' branding out vcs and community associated with the high quality products we deliver.

Q6. What companies are you working with or looking to cooperate with in the future?

Benjamin Le Roux: Ideally we get even more top tier teams over to Yesports — which is what we are working on.

We are trying to bring the over 500M esports /gaming fans over to web 3 — we need partners to do that.

Q7. What are your plans for the future, may I know?‌‌ and like What is the best way to keep up with All your upcoming news and updates?

Benjamin Le Roux: We have many more exciting partnerships with esports teams and players to come. These teams will be launching NFTs on Yesports and the best way to keep up to date on these things would be to follow our Twitter:

Q8. As we all know, the most important thing of a NFT marketplace is the security. How can YESPORTS ensure the definite safety for users? And have YESPORTS done with AUDIT certification?

Benjamin Le Roux: We work with the world's most prestigious Security audit firms for Yesports — Halborn Security. They have worked closely with us on many occasions in the past.

Details on the Yesports audit are on the way !

Q9. What exactly will the partnership of celolaunch and yesports add to investors on both sides in the long run?

Benjamin Le Roux: We are bringing the next 500m esports fans into web 3.0 and all of you will get a front row seat!

Q10. Will there be Gaming Elements to the eventual Esports Metaverse?

Benjamin Le Roux: Yes ser — stay tuned. We plan to do some really fun stuff in the metaverse with teams.


We hope that you have a great time with Yesport. Please follow Yesport's social channels to get more updates:

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